Future Sailors is a small artisanal studio in Brno. Our production combines modern pastry trends and classic recipes with precision and the use of the best ingredients. We propose a wide assortment of individual pastries and layer cakes.

In 2021, we open a new pastry shop for you in the center of Brno, where you can buy a wide range of our individual pastries without ordering. We have also created a new e-shop for your orders.

Our pastry chef Tereza has graduated from many foreign courses and internships. Baking has been her passion since childhood. Every pastry passes through her hands. She knows a lot of traditional recipes, but she also likes to create new recipes. She is mainly inspired by French and British confectionery trends. The resulting individual pastries and layer cakes are thought out in every detail and no imperfect piece of the workshop will leave.


raw materials

are the basis of good baking. We guarantee the use of quality ingredients, baking without substitutes, and industrial products. We carefully select our ingredients. We bake only from Czech butter and Czech eggs. We use uniquely Belgian chocolate with a high cocoa content. In summer, we buy fresh fruit only from our favorite stallholder at the Cabbage Market. We make home-made jams. Banning margarine, Hera, and all other hardened fats, palm oils, low-quality substitutes, and frozen semi-finished products from entering our kitchen. You can bake without. We avoid the use of typically Czech heavy butter and pudding creams, fondants, and excess sugars, after which you would find it difficult all day. That’s why you can enjoy our sweets without remorse.


and lactose-free

In our e-shop, we offer gluten-free variants for some layer cakes.
On request, we can also offer you some lactose-free layer cakes.